Videography & Media Transfers in Norwood, MA

A Division of Norwood Media Group

Norwood Video offers a simple solution for transferring your media to digital format. We can transfer most formats of Video, Photographs, Slides, Computer Recover and Repair, plus more. All transfers are done in our office in Norwood MA.

Video media is converted to MP4 video files, photos & slides to JPEG files.

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Videotapes and DVD’s

$20 per media (tape/disc)

Film Reels Scanned

Per Reel Size (Full Details Here)

Photos & Slides

$.65 Each (Full Details Here)





Client’s Media (videotapes, film reels, slides, etc) are converted to digital and supplied on clients choice of below 3 options:

1) USB Flash Drive: $20 per NEW USB Flash Drive and will contain all your converted files.

2) DVD: $20 per DVD. DVD’s can hold up to 2 hours of video.

3) Client Supplied Drive: Clients may provide us with a new USB Flash Drive or a new External USB Hard Drive when dropping off media. Provided drive may need to be formatted pending file sizes and will be formatted in either Fat32 or NTFS format on a PC. (If multiple drives are provided, there is a $10 charge per copy.)


Should I choose DVD or,USB Flash Drive?

We CAN Transfer:

We CANNOT Transfer:

  • 35mm Camera Film
  • Disposable Cameras